South Bruce Council Receives Project Visioning Workshops Report


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For Immediate Release
August 7, 2020

South Bruce Council Receives Project Visioning Workshops Report

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Figure 1: Residents of South Bruce participated in Project Visioning workshops earlier this year that identified their priorities for the Adaptive Phased Management project if it were to come to South Bruce.

South Bruce Council received the final report from the Project Visioning Workshops “Community Conversations on Partnership” at their most recent meeting held on July 28th, 2020.

This report comes as a result of nine community workshops held in the Winter of 2019-2020, hosted in partnership between the Municipality of South Bruce and the NWMO. These workshops, led by AECOM – a third party consulting group – focused on exploring questions, comments and expectations that the South Bruce community has for the Adaptive Phased Management Project and Canada’s plan for used nuclear fuel.

“I was pleased to see this final report, which outlines what members of the community shared candidly over the course of several workshops. The feedback and discussion generated by South Bruce residents is useful information for Council as we continue to move forward and explore the opportunities of this project” said Mayor Bob Buckle.

The report has been sent to the Community Liaison Committee and is on the agenda for their next meeting on September 3rd, 2020 where it is anticipated that it will be formally received for information.

“Seeing the priorities and ideas that were generated during the workshops in the final report is critical to the CLC members who are continuing to learn and engage with our fellow community members” said CLC Chair Jim Gowland.

A total of 144 South Bruce residents participated in the workshops, including youth, members of the agricultural community, small business owners, and others.

"Earlier this year I attended a Project Visioning Workshop in Formosa” shared Nicole Wise, Past President of the South Bruce Community and Business Association. “What an amazing opportunity to be able to gain insight from other community-minded citizens on their perspective on the DGR project. We were also able to collaborate on our “Wish List” for the possible Centre of Expertise building. This was a very positive community building information session and I am looking forward to more” added Ms. Wise.

“Residents of South Bruce are playing an important role in shaping a shared future and common vision for the project,” said Dr. Ben Belfadhel, Vice President of Site Selection, NWMO. “The report speaks to the aspirations and values of South Bruce as well as the community vision for the Centre of Expertise. This work will provide important information for the community as it reflects on its interests and assesses its willingness to host the project at a later stage in the site selection process.”

The full report prepared by AECOM outlines how the workshops were conducted, as well as a detailed summary of feedback, comments and questions that were generated. 

South Bruce Project Visioning Workshops Report