New for 2020: Switchboard - Connecting South Bruce


New for 2020:  Switchboard - Connecting South Bruce!

Here is a sneak peak of what the header of our new online engagement site will look like:

 switchboard header

Open communication is an important component of community well-being.  Having your say and input is a valuable tool for the municipality to gauge what is important to you as a resident or business owner, so that the community you live in can be the best it can be to live, work and play.  

Once launched (Approx mid January 2020), you will be able to access the site through our website by clicking on the South Bruce Switchboard button:

website header

You can see all the data and other comments, but to provide your own positive input and suggestions you will need to register on the site.  Your information and name will remain anonymous as your "username" will appear on the site, but this is information that YOU provide so you can make it as anonymous as you like.  For example: your username can be something like "Cat Lady".

bang the table page

More information to come....exciting times!  We can't wait to hear from you!