South Bruce Continues in the Adaptive Phase Management Site Selection Process



For Immediate Release
Tuesday November 26, 2019

South Bruce Continues in the Adaptive Phase Management Site Selection Process

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) announced today that they are advancing the site selection process for a deep geological repository for Canada’s used nuclear Fuel. The organization will narrow its focus from five to two potential siting areas.

Studies will continue in either the Municipality of South Bruce or Township of Huron-Kinloss, pending the outcome of the ongoing process for land access. South Bruce and Huron Kinloss are one of the two potential siting areas remaining in the process with the other area being the Township of Ignace in northwestern Ontario.

The Municipality of South Bruce expressed interest in the site selection process and began learning about Canada’s plan in 2012. South Bruce continues to explore the possibility of partnership with NWMO and hosting the deep geologic repository and the Centre of Expertise.

“South Bruce is excited to be moving to the next phase in the site selection process,“ said Robert Buckle, Mayor for the Municipality of South Bruce, “South Bruce supports the NWMO’s objective of finding a safe and long term solution for the storage of used nuclear fuel in Canada.”

The NWMO is still three to four years away from identifying a preferred site and further technical site evaluation and social studies will need to be completed. Ultimately, the project requires a site that can safely and securely contain and isolate used nuclear fuel for the long time period needed, as well as a supportive and willing partnership involving the municipality, First Nation and Métis communities.   A single preferred site for the APM project is expected to be selected by 2023.

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