Route 58 Uniquely Showcases 40 Local Canadian Vendors


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Route 58 Uniquely Showcases 40 Local Canadian Vendors

Route 58 is the perfect model of our South Bruce Branding, Ontario’s Cooperative Community.  Barb Ackerman, Owner of Route 58 opened her doors in November 2018 and is located at 58 Elora Street Mildmay.  Barb gave the South Bruce Tourism a tour of her unique business on Tuesday May 7th.  Working co-operatively with 40 plus local vendors, Barb proudly displays their pieces for consignment sale, ranging from handmade jewellery, furniture, metal works, soaps, DoTerra oils, handmade quilts, maple syrup, cards for every occasion, organic skin care lines etc and if you are brave enough, even Cricket bars for a high protein snack! A little something for everyone!

Barb originated from Orangeville and is a first time business owner where she chose to do this as her “retirement” after many years as a Police Dispatcher.  Barb’s vendors come from a variety of places with several being her talented friends from high school, former co-workers as well as artisans that visit the store and then decide to sell their products at her location. Barb describes her store as being Interactive and suggests to her clientele to “plan on staying longer than intended” as there is a lot to see and take in.  Customers have been known to take a seat and even start playing the piano (that was donated by Larry and Anne Schmidt) during their experience shopping at Route 58!

In addition to the consignment store, Barb also has a Make & Take workshop in the back portion of her building.  Ranging from Slimy Sundays, wood burning, children’s handprints, paintings etc.  Barb brings in various vendors for their expertise depending on the workshop that is being offered.  To learn more about the workshops that are available, you can check out her Facebook Page or send her an e-mail at and there is no minimum number of people required and accepts various ages from infants up! 

Route 58 is open from Tuesday – Sunday from 10am – 5pm and closed Mondays.  Check out this unique store for a one of kind gift for that special someone that you can either buy or make yourself or maybe you just need to treat yourself!  Thank you Barb for taking the time to showcase your business to the South Bruce Tourism Committee and calling South Bruce your home!
Route 58 will be celebrating their Grand Opening at Mildmay in Motion on June 8th where they will be offering walk-in art classes all day and are taking part in the Adventure Shopping Card, but you don’t have to wait until then to check out this unique shop in Mildmay!  If you are interested in promoting your great ideas, we would love to hear from you and have you be part of the South Bruce Tourism Committee – please contact Rhonda Niesen at or 519-392-6623.

Happy shopping at Route 58!