The Municipality of South Bruce was created in 1999 with the amalgamation of two communities, the Village of Mildmay and the surrounding township of Carrick and the Village of Teeswater and the surrounding Township of Culross

Geographically located in the southeast corner of Bruce County, the Municipality is known as the "Gateway to Bruce" and is abundant in agricultural land.

The villages of Mildmay and Teeswater form the township's two urban centres. Mildmay is located geographically in the centre of the former township of Carrick and Teeswater is located in the geographic centre of the former Culross. A variety of retail and commercial services are available in both communities, as well as an insurance office and Mini Brewery in Formosa

Teeswater is home to the municipal offices, the Teeswater Community Centre, post office, bank, library and the Gay Lea Creamery. Mildmay has its own Community Centre, bank and post office, as does Formosa. Mildmay, located on busy highway 9, has a variety of gift shops in it’s commercial centre and the Rotary Park remains an attraction for many visitors.

The Municipality of South Bruce, with its fertile soil, has a strong agricultural sector. Livestock husbandry and crop production are the main farming activities within the Township with quality gravel deposits throughout the township, South Bruce has a thriving aggregate industry.

Mildmay is serviced by both a municipal water and sewer system and Teeswater is serviced by a municipal water system. The services required for industrial development and growth are available in each community.

Provincial highway 9 runs through Mildmay, and is a busy route to Bruce County’s Beaches and County Road 4 runs through Teeswater, enroute from London and points south ; the municipality is responsible for the maintenance of its hardtop concession roads.

The hamlets of Carlsruhe and Deemerton are vital to our Municipality and support a Catholic Church and Catholic Formation Centre, respectively.

South Bruce is the gateway to Bruce County for travelers from southern Ontario and beyond. Here, you enter an area of rolling hills, scenic highways, and warm-hearted people.