Committees of Council

Community members can become involved in our community by being a member on a board or committee appointed by South Bruce Council.

Committees of Council are made up of volunteer citizens who become involved to provide advice and recommendations to Council on a variety of issues, including Recreation and Facilities, Trees, Tourism. 

If you wish to get involved and be a part of such an amazing shape the future of your community please contact the Clerk's Department.

Current Committees of Council are below in alphabetical order:

  • Mildmay - Carrick Recreation Center Lobby Renovation Committee
  • Recreation Advisory Committee
  • South Bruce Tourism Committee
  • Tree Committee

Mildmay Carrick Recreation Complex (MCRC) Lobby Renovation Committee

The purpose of the Lobby Renovation Committee  is to provide advice and recommendations to Council on matters relating to the Mildmay Carrick Recreation Complex lobby renovation project.

The Committee is to: 

  • provide oversight and direction on all aspects of the planning, design and construction of the MCRC Lobby Renovation project and making recommendations to Council and the Manager of Recreation and Facilities.
  • Bring forward and discuss concerns raised by taxpayers, user groups, service clubs, Council and/or staff that may impact the planning, design, construction and fundraising phases of the project.
  • Ensure that the Project costs, scope, schedule and risk are appropriately managed.
  • The Committee's actions and recommendations will take into consideration such things as building age, energy efficiencies, current and projected use, budget, architectural design, federal, provincial and municipal policy and building code issues.
  • Conduct community fundraising intiatives to support the financial aspects of the project,
  • Promote the Project in the community, keep the community informed on the progress of the Project and educate facility users about the project.

Meetings are held the last Monday of Each Month

Recreation Advisory Committee

The purpose of the the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee is to provide advice and recommendations to Council on recreation-related issues and policies, to promote and provide a variety of opportunities for physical activity to all residents and to continuously improve all facilities and parks within the municipality to meet the needs of the community. 


1. To ensure all Parks and Recreation services provided by the Municipality are safe, accessible and affordable.

2. To develop, maintain, beautify and promote safe, accessible parks and open spaces.

3. To establish and sustain a variety of recreational programs and community facilities.

4. To develop, provide and promote a variety of creative programs for all age and user groups.

5. To promote volunteerism through supporting of projects, programs and services related to Parks, Recreation and Facilities.

6. To actively promote the benefits of leisure, recreation, parks, and facilities to the community. 

7. To proactively plan future programs, open space, trails and recreation infrastructure.

Meetings are held the second Monday of Each Month.

South Bruce Tourism Committee

South Bruce Tourism is a group of volunteers, dedicated to the development and promotion of tourism within the villages and rural settings of the Municipality of South Bruce, for the enjoyment and benefit of residents and visitors.

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of Each Month

Tree Committee

That the Municipality of South Bruce recognizes the importance that trees hold in the
Community and shall strive towards maintaining a healthy tree population in urban and rural
areas of the Municipality. ln addition to the positive natural benefits provided by trees, one of
the outcomes would be improving the visual appearance of our local parks, cemeteries, road
sides and boulevards for the enjoyment of existing and future generations".

Teeswater Culross Cemetery Board

The Teeswater-Culross Cemetery is owned by the Municipality but operated by a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors who are responsible for the oversight and administration of the "Culross and Teeswater Cemetery", on behalf of the owner, the Municipality of South Bruce.