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Agricultural Bale Wrap Recycling

The Municipality of South Bruce works in partnership with Think Plastics Inc. of New Hamburg, Ontario to divert agricultural bale wrap from the landfill. Think Plastics Inc. recycles used "all white" agricultural bale wrap (i.e., the plastic film used to protect and store bales of hay, straw, silage, etc.) into a 100% polyethylene plastic "lumber" (wood alternative) called Baleboard ® which is manufactured into such items as fencing, pig barn flooring, horse stalls, outdoor furniture, decks and sign posts. 

South Bruce farmers are encouraged to participate in this diversion initiative as it represents a viable alternative to burying or burning. 

A collection area for agricultural bale wrap diversion is provided at the Teeswater-Culross and Mildmay-Carrick Landfill Sites. This program only accepts linear low density polyethylene "all white" bale wrap. As part of the program the Landfill Attendant will waive the tipping fee provided that the bale wrap is relatively clean i.e., minimal amount of dirt, no stones, twine or forage residue and is prepared according to the specifications stated below:

How to Prepare Bale Wrap for Recycling:

(Only "all white" (both sides) agricultural bale wrap is accepted)

  • Shake the material to eliminate "contaminants" (rocks, stones or forage residue).
  • Ensure that there is only a minimal amount of dirt on the material. Washing is not necessary; however, bale wrap with excessive dirt cannot be accepted for recycling. 
  • Cut and bundled material into 1.5 to 2.5 kg packs (3 to 5 lb).
  • Do not tie the material with twine or put into garbage bags.

Drop-Off Instructions - Landfill Site:

  • Let the Attendant know that you have bale wrap for recycling.
  • The tipping fee is waived for clean, properly prepared bale wrap.  Regular disposal fees will apply for bale wrap that is contaminated (i.e., excessively dirty, mixed with other waste, or not properly prepared).
  • Ratepayers are responsible for unloading the bale wrap and placing it into the specified collection area.


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