Formosa Springs Brewery Store is now open!


Formosa Springs Brewery Store is now open!

FORMOSA, ON — After much anticipation, the historic Formosa Springs Brewery has reopened under new ownership.

The store opened for the first day on May 3 and will keep the hours of Thursday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The store will sell Formosa Springs draft, Red Baron blond lager, Red Baron Lime, and Red Baron Platinum Light, a low-carb beer.

“We’ve already had consumers come in here and say ‘it’s great you guys are open — we’ve been waiting a long time,’” said Sean Dennis, director of sales and marketing. “I’ve been told that when the store was closed the community was reasonably understanding but equally upset.”

In September 2017, Kitchener-based Brick Brewing sold the Formosa brewery for $2.4 million. The brewery will now operate as Formosa Springs Brewery Inc. under new ownership.

Dennis said that every part of the brewery is now in working order and they expect to be producing beer with Formosa spring water later this month.

“Eventually once, we get our house in order, we’ll start to develop new brands,” Dennis said. “The one thing this brewery has always been good at is making really good lagers.”

When the brewery is in full swing by midsummer, Dennis said they expect to have about 20-30 employees, many of whom are past employees returning from when Brick owned and operated.

“We have pretty good distribution,” Dennis said, pointing to the fact all of the brands are available at The Beer Store.

In the store, located on the south hill of Formosa, customers will be able to mix and match six packs to try each of the beers offered for $10.95. A 12-pack will be $20.95 and a 24-pack will be $35.50.

Dennis said there will be a tasting room and he hopes at some point for the patio to be licensed with some food offerings.

“It’s a brand new brewery from 1870,” Dennis said. “This once sleepy brewery has been reawakened.”

Dennis said he had several people drop by a day before they opened wanting to be the first customer.

“It’s a good hometown story here because, as you can see, the response has been amazing,” he said.

To contact the store call: 519-367-3300 or reach out via email at

News May 03, 2018 by  Jonathan Zettel  - Walkerton Herald-Times