Smoke Detector Recall


smoke detectors

ATTENTION: Kidde recalled nearly half a million smoke alarms on Wednesday because of concerns the devices may not alert users to a fire. “A yellow cap left on during the manufacturing process can cover one of the two smoke sensors and compromise the smoke alarm’s ability to detect smoke, posing a risk of consumers not being alerted to a fire in their home,” the recall said.

If the yellow cap is present, the Kidde dual-sensor smoke alarms, models PI2010 and PI9010, should be replaced. Contact Kidde to receive instructions and request a free replacement smoke detector. Remove and discard the recalled smoke detector only after you receive and install a replacement detector. If no yellow cap is present, you can safely reinstall the smoke detector without taking further action.

Contact information: Contact Kidde at 833-551-7739. Or go to, where you’ll find detailed instructions for how to identify the recalled models.