The 18th Annual South Bruce Vintage Tractor Tour a Great Success!


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The 18th Annual Vintage Tractor Tour A Great Success!
Soggy morning weather did not deter more than 400 visitors to the 18th Annual South Bruce Vintage
Tractor Tour on Father's Day!

From a 1920's steam shovel at Teeswater Concrete west of Teeswater to classic Case and Cockshutt
tractors at the eastern edge of the municipality, visitors from all over Southwestern Ontario were
treated to the finest collections of tractors and farm equipment many had ever seen!

Though many of the exhibitors experienced light visitor traffic during the morning 'deluge', by
afternoon the crowds had definitely returned, snapping pictures, asking questions, or in many cases
simply slipping in their own reverie of memories. Even a shortage of tour maps and small road
signage did not deter their interest (both WILL be fixed for next year)!
Kudos are in order to Grant Weber and his crew for organizing a fantastic Tractor Tour
2017! And kudos to all the exhibitors for their dedication to preserving our South Bruce
Municipality farming heritage!

A Tractor Tour Appreciation Night was held at the Formosa Lion's Park on July 4th to share
exhibitor experiences, hand out well deserved kudos and begin early planning for next year's tour.
Between bites of Mary Nichol's and Shirley Kuntz's sumptuous Pulled Pork Dinner, exhibitors and
tourism committee members shared jokes, vignettes and enthusiasm for this great community event.
Also at the dinner Gordon Borth, Alvin Hershey, Frances Wiseman, Jim Holm, Bruce Wiseman, Mike
Niesen, Valerie Weber and Ken Weltz were the lucky winners of local maple syrup and goodies
baskets! Thank you to John Benninger for arranging the baskets!
* * *
Farming is an integral part of the heritage of South Bruce Municipality, from the first
homesteaders of the 1850's to our present 'agri-businesses'. For the past 18 years South Bruce
Tourism Committee has organized a Father's Day tour of the finest vintage farm equipment in the
municipality. For more information on the South Bruce Vintage Tractor Tour or if you are interested
in being involved with the South Bruce Tourism Committee on any of our upcoming projects please
contact us at: