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SPECIFICATION for the Supply, Delivery and Installation of one (1) Diesel 347/600V,100kw “Tier 3” Standby Generator and 200A Auto Transfer Switch at 126 Elora Street, Mildmay, Ontario N0G 2S0.  Quotations are invited and will be received for the above by the Public Works until 12:00:00 Noon EST Wednesday April 24, 2019.

A. General

A.1 It is the intent of these specifications to describe a Diesel 347/600V,100kw Tier 3 Standby generator and Auto Transfer Switch in sufficient detail to secure bids on comparable equipment. This specification is a guide and bidders may quote on additional options if they consider it in the interest to the Municipality.

A.2 Formal Quotations are to state a firm delivery date from the date the quotation is accepted.

A.3 The quotation shall state the location of the nearest repair facility.

A.4 The Bidder is to include a full specification sheet or brochure for their product.

A.5 The successful bidder will be required to instruct Municipal staff on-site, in the safe operation and use of the equipment at no additional cost to the Municipality.

A.6 The Municipality reserves the right, at its own discretion, to accept or reject any
bid and that the lowest or any bid will not necessarily be accepted.  The Bidder
understands that fundamental to this competition is the selection of a quotation that in the sole judgment of the Municipality, most effectively meets the requirements of the Municipality.

Tender Package



TENDER 19-01



1. Tender Closing

Tender must be completed on the forms provided and delivered in a sealed envelope, plainly marked as to contents to:

TENDER - 19-01
Public Works Department
P.O. Box 540
21 Gordon Street East
Teeswater, ON  N0G 2S0
Attention: Gary Pipe, Operations Manager

Not later than 12:00:00 EST Noon local time, April 25, 2019.

2. Tenders must be properly signed, sealed and witnessed, or signed and sealed if the bidder is a Corporation.  Tenders received after the closing time will be rejected and returned unopened to the Tenderer.  This entire document is to be submitted.  The bidder must complete all sections of this document including specifications.  Incomplete, late, email, or facsimile submissions will be rejected.
3. All Tenders received must remain valid for acceptance, up to 45 days beyond the closing date.

4. Manufacturer’s brochures may be enclosed or forwarded in a separate envelope.

5. Any additions, deletions or substitutions to the specifications or quote without prior written approval will constitute the quote to be null and void.

6. The Municipality of South Bruce reserves the right to reject any or all Tenders, including without limitation the lowest tender, and to award the Contract to any or none of the bidders, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Municipality of South Bruce notwithstanding any custom of the trade to the contrary nor anything contained in the Contract Documents or herein.  Tender award is subject to budget and Council approval.

The Municipality of South Bruce shall not, under any circumstance, be responsible for any costs incurred by the Tenderer in the preparing of its Tender.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, The Municipality of South Bruce reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to accept or reject any Tender which in the view of the Municipality of South Bruce is incomplete, obscure, or irregular, which has erasures or corrections in the documents, which contains exceptions and variations, which omits one or more prices, or which contains prices the Municipality of South Bruce considers unbalanced. 

Criteria which may be used by the Municipality of South Bruce in evaluating tenders and awarding the contract are in the Municipality of South Bruce’s sole and absolute discretion and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, may include one or more of: price; total cost to the Municipality of South Bruce; ability of the tenderer to meet the attached specifications; reputation; claims history of the Tenderer; qualifications and experience of the Tenderer and its personnel; quality of services and personnel proposed by the Tenderer; ability of the Tenderer to ensure continuous availability of qualified and experienced personnel. 

Should the Municipality of South Bruce not receive any tender satisfactory to the Municipality of South Bruce in its sole and absolute discretion, the Municipality of South Bruce reserves the right to re-tender the Project or negotiate a contract for the whole or any part of the Project with any one or more persons whatsoever, including one or more of the Tenderers.”

7. The Municipality of South Bruce will deliberate the results and a final decision will be made at Municipal Council in May 2019.  The results of this quotation will be available after that time.

8. The Municipality of South Bruce reserves the right to request a demonstration of any proposed equipment, which a Bidder might submit a Tender on.  Bidders will arrange if necessary, an appropriate time and location.

9. The successful bidder will provide the specified equipment, which is to be in working order and 100% complete as specified within 6 months (180 days) of being notified of Council Award. 

The Tenderer is advised that inquiries regarding the interpretation of the plans or specifications shall be directed to the Public Works Department at the Municipality of South Bruce, Telephone: 519-392-6623, Mr. Gary Pipe (operationsmanager@town.southbruce.on.ca).

Tender Package

Addendum No. 1